Empire Limo was set up X years ago, and since then we have grown and expanded our operations significantly. With a bigger team of customer service representatives and chauffeurs, and the latest models fleet, we are now catering for private travellers, businesses and clients who want to avail of the highest quality transportation services in the area. We believe that our clients deserve the very best, and that is why we make sure that we constantly improve and upgrade our services so as to continue to offer the best transportation service possible. We can only do that as long as we have dedicated and professional personnel, and we are very happy that all of our team is always there to back up our philosophy.

Our chauffeurs are all professional and highly experienced in their job. They are key in ensuring that passengers get the best possible ride. They also ensure that punctuality and efficiency are maintained. We seek to offer reliable transportation that is as safe and as comfortable as can be. Moreover, we provide live customer service 24/7, so that our clients’ needs are met as efficiently as possible. So, regardless of when you need to hire a limo, you know that there will be someone to take your call and see to your requirements at Empire Limo.

Our company also makes sure to keep the fleet of limos in top notch condition. We have a team of people who take care of the cars’ maintenance, and in such a way we can ensure that our clients will get a shimmering and polished limo on the day they hire one. The cars’ interior is also maintained spick and span, and you will love the smell of the leather interior and the plush seats for sure. We place a lot of importance on these aspects as we strongly believe that our customers deserve the very best. It is also an integral part of our mission, and what we believe keeps up our good reputation.

What clients love about Empire Limo is that we offer a great selection for them to choose from, and very competitive prices. Different clients have different needs. We know that a bride and groom expect the most beautiful limo on their wedding day. On the other hand, an older couple celebrating their wedding anniversary will have different preferences. So, we have different models for every occasion. The prices of our packages vary as well, as we understand that different clients will have different budgets too.

One thing is for sure – if you want the best and most efficient limo rental, you do not have to look any further as Empire Limo offers whatever you need at great rates. We promise that we will exceed your expectations. That is what we aim to do, each and every time! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for more information or to book your limo now.